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2020 Summer Calendar Schedule
• Oil Painting
• Water Color
• Soft Pastel
• General Drawing/Craft
• Acrylic Painting
• Manga
• Mixed Media
• General Drawing/Craft
• 3D Steampunk
• 3D Castle
• 3D Jungle
• 3D Town
Pencil Drawing
6/14 6/15
First day of summer camp
6/16 6/17 6/18 6/19 6/20
6/21 6/22 6/23 6/24 6/25 6/26
Registrations and payments due for second 2wk camp
6/28 6/29
second 2wk camp begin
6/30 7/1 7/2 7/3 7/4
7/5 7/6 7/7 7/8 7/9 7/10
Registrations and payments due for third 2wk camp
7/12 7/13
Third 2wk camp begins
7/14 7/15 7/16 7/17 7/18
7/19 7/20 7/21 7/22 7/23 7/24
Registrations and payments due for fourth 2wk camp
7/26 7/27
Fouth 2wk camp begins
7/28 7/29 7/30 7/31 8/1
8/2 8/3 8/4 8/5 8/6 8/7
Registrations and payments due for fifth 2wk camp
8/9 8/10
Fifth 2wk camp begins
8/11 8/12 8/13 8/14 8/15
8/16 8/17 8/18 8/19 8/20 8/21
Last day of camp

Oil Painting Ages 5 and up.
Composition study, brush technique, color mixing and value.

Water Color Ages 5 and up.
Create patterns and splattered on the paper first as if dream-like pictorial moments are transforming into another world. Then sketch out shapes and paint the negative space; the space around the object instead of the object itself.

Soft Pastel Ages 5 and up.
Use a mixture of soft pastel and pastel pencils for the finest details on a student’s favorite pet portrait. There is a simply no better way for an child to add layers of interest, contrast, and texture to a piece of art than using chalk over dry paint.

General Drawing/Craft Ages 5 to 6.
Fun classes for students for drawing using different mediums and making 3D crafts.


Acrylic Painting Ages 5 and up.
Learn acrylic painting techniques with a focus on using color, modeling form, and composition.

Manga Ages 6 and up.
Learn the techniques of easy step-by-step instructions of how to draw Manga.

Mixed Media Ages 5 and up.
Use modeling paste mixed with sand to create texture in a sandcastle painting with paint brushes, toothbrushes, or our fingers. We add shells we’ve collected to out castles with glue. What a lovely texture!

General Drawing/Craft Ages 5 to 6.
Fun classes for students for drawing using different mediums and making 3D crafts.


3D Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Age 5 and up.
Let your imagination take flight in this hot air balloon! The Steam punk vessel will carry you far and wide, wherever your heart desires to go. Imagine and create your own hot air balloon.

3D Castle Age 5 and up.
Go back in time with making a renaissance castle with magical characters come alive.

3D Jungle Age 5 and up.
Make an environment of wild animals roaming around in the beautiful jungle scene.

3D Town Age 5 and up.
Build our own hometown including store, homes, and street with people in an everyday life.


Clay Ages 5 and up.
Create almost any kind of sculpture. Students follow an easy step-by-step course of instruction or
work independently. Good for all ages.

Pencil Drawing Ages 6 and up.
Draw with different materials Use pencils, Pen and color pencils to create values and textures. Students learn about drawing techniques of pencil shading and how line can be used to create the illusion of depth and dimension.

Oil Painting – (Ages 11 and up)
We love the swirling water and the dancing lily pads. Students paint two or more koi fish pally in their surroundings of water lilies and lily pads. They learn perspective, mixing colors, and form with instruction tailored to students’ level of knowledge and skill.

Tuition: $200

Watercolor – A Garden Chair – (Ages 11 and up)
A garden chair with a basket of flowers inviting you for a moment of relaxation. Students learn how to use watercolor medium technique and composition.

Tuition: $200

Acrylic Painting – Surrealism – (Ages 11 and up)
Surrealism is a type of artwork that focuses on the subconscious. It contains unreal and dreamlike qualities. Student learn using linear perspective and surrealism to create spaces that are out of this world…
Tuition: $200
Mixed Media – A Boat Collage – (Age 11 and up)
This is an experiment in collage with the sail cut out fabric and rope, then the boat is painted with acrylic paint. Students learn skillful, alive, and tasteful collage that makes 3D look.

Tuition: $200

Charcoal Drawing – (Ages 11 and up)
Learn how to accurately see shape and value, learn how to demonstrate an extraordinary attention to detail and draw in layers of black charcoal on white paper.

Tuition: $200

2015 Portfolio 12015 Portfolio 2 Portfolio Camp – (High School Students only, Annandale and Chantilly locations only)
Student will create a wide ranging portfolio that displays his/her technical skill and individuality. Especially high school juniors who will be planning on complete their portfolio this summer of 2017. Students will talk to Mrs. Yun about class schedule and will review their portfolio first.

Please call in for the class schedule and tuition: 703-961-9039.

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